sexta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2008


Na próxima quarta-feira, 23 de Janeiro, às 18h, terá lugar na Faculdade de Filosofia, sala 3.1, o debate orientado por Manuel Sumares em torno do dualismo 'natureza-graça'.

O seguinte texto lança desde já o debate.

“We imagine that the gratuitous needs to be contrasted with the obligatory or the inherent; yet this only applies to the interactions between beings in the ontic realm. In the realm of the ontological difference, of the creative emergence of entia from esse, gratuity arises before necessity or obligation and does not require this contrast in order to be comprehensible. The creature is not the recipient of a gift; it is this gift.”

--- John Milbank, The Suspended Middle: Henri de Lubac and the Debate Concerning the Supernatural, p. 43.

O ponto de partida para a nossa reflexão:

“p” is true iff p in w/t
“p”= “creation is always/ already graced”
p = creation is always/ already graced (or “gifted”)
w= world
t= time
Hence, “Creation is always/ already graced” is true if and only if creation is effectively always/ already graced in a determinate world and within a determinate timeframe.

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